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(Germany / Switzerland)

LP | "Split"

2022 | DISCO IN


The year 1984 has been a great time for Early Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal bands, especially for bands in Europe, their releases back then hated by a lot of folks in the international Metal scene are called "classic" or "legendary" now and original pressings are hard to get and very expensive. The debut MLP´s of SODOM "In The Sign Of Evil" or HELLHAMMER´s "Apocalyptic Raids" are the best example for that, when they came out a lot of people disliked / boycotted them but nowadays fanatics sacrifice an arm and / or leg to own a first pressing of one of these releases.
On this obscure Split LP you can find both Mini albums on one piece of vinyl, saddly the SODOM side is incomplete: "Burst Command Til War" is missing but nevertheless this album here is a must have.

"In The Sign Of Evil" originally was released on DEVIL´S GAME, Germany (1984) and "Apocalyptic Raids" came out NOISE, Germany (1984).

This split album comes on Blue vinyl and is housed in a glossy, full-coloured gatefold sleeve (no insert).