THE IDIOTS - They Call Us: The Idiots LP / CD

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LP / CD | "They Call Us: The Idiots"


COLOUR: LP: Black, CD housed in a cardboard sleeve

THE IDIOTS from Dortmund are one of the oldest Punk band coming from Germany, they started as slow Oi! band but in the Mid Eighties they changed their style into Hardcore, Punk. For the german Punk, Hardcore history THE IDIOTS are as important as other acts like INFERNO, BOSKOPS, CHAOS Z, SLIME, ... . "They Call Us: The Idiots" is the first full length of the band, this ten songs are an perfect example of the evolution the band: they mix their early Punk, Oi ! influences with a blend of more modern (at that time) metallic Hardcore, Punk sound, maybe not as raging fast as other german acts (like INFERNO for example), but still hard-hitting to the max.

The original pressing was done in the year 1986 on MÜLLEIMER RECORDS from Germany.

Official repress, this here is the normal edition on Black vinyl (?00 copies were made), it is housed in a LP pocket cover with additional poster. Next to the LP tracks the additional CD also includes the material from the "Der S04 Und Der BVB" EP and the "Emmy Oh Emmy" EP as bonus.