THE VARUKERS - More Religion - More War (Anniversary Edition) LP (Blue)

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LP | "More Religion - More War (Anniversary Edition)"



THE VARUKERS a UK Hardcore, Punk band that started in 1979, they were one of the first to play the musical style called D-Beat, created by Terry Tezz Jones, the drummer of DISCHARGE, after whom the genre is named. THE VARUKERS did pure british Hardcore blur built on MOTÖRHEAD influenced riffing and uncompromising political lyrics. THE VARUKERS celebrate their 40th anniversary as a band. What a reason to celebrate ! Classic, political UK Riot Punk and en par with their contemporaries DISCHARGE.  "More Religion - More War" is the jubille edition of the amazing 12" that was originally released on the now legendary Riot City Records in 1984. This LP sees THE VARUKERS delivering top notch Hardcore, Punk, the guitar tone and riffage are savage, the vocals raw and powerful. The guitar has a bit of the metallic crunch that would permeate Hardcore in the future, but still remains grounded in Punk. This LP ranks as an example of UK Hardcore, Punk at it´s very best.

"Another Religion Another War" originally was released on RIOT CITY RECORDS, UK in the year 1984.

Limited edition of 500 copies on Blue vinyl, this album comes in a pocket sleeve with the lyrics printed on the back of the cover.