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LP | "Radio Dood"

(The Netherlands)

COLOUR: White With Maroon / Black Splatter

This is the vinyl release of the infamous "Radio Dood" cassette from 1986. "Radio Dood" was an all Punk radio, run by Punks for Punks, with various shows, from 18.00 hour till somewhere in the night with recorded shows on a loop-tape during the day. With everyday financial worries, a tape was released to raise money. Although maybe only 50 € was raised, the "Radio Dood" cassette contained the final official recordings of NO PIGS and LÄRM. The NO PIGS recordings are not released elsewhere but on the "Radio Dood" cassette and this LP. The LÄRM recordings have appeared on later discography CD´s , but never in its original form like on this LP. 

# LOUD WARNING: four tracks
# NO PIGS: five songs
# B.T.D.: five songs
# LÄRM: six songs ("Megalo Mania", "Dollars And Roebels", ... )

A real nice document of Mid Eighties Hardcore, Punk made in The Netherlands, raw but full of positive energy.

The original tape version came out in the year 1986 and was self-released.

This great compilation comes on White With Maroon / Black Splatter vinyl (limited to 300 copies), housed in a twelve page, 12 Inch by 12 Inch booklet with stories about "Radio Dood", LOUD WARNING, NO PIGS, B.T.D. and LÄRM (some in dutch, some in english), an eight page xeroxed booklet from the orginal cassette is added too.