ZEX - Uphill Battle LP

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LP | "Uphill Battle"



ZEX is a female fronted Punk, Punk Rock band from Ottawa, Canada roaming around in the Punk scene since the year 2014. A lot of you might know them from their previous releases, six EP´s and one LP till now, and with "Uphill Battle" the band is presenting their second full length album. AVENGERS, THE VARUKERS and VICE SQUAD, this are the bands ZEX mostly are compared with, the last one is the best comparison, ZEX singer Gretchen Steel sounds very similar to Beki Bondage and the band plays the typical catchy and memorable UK Punk Rock sound of VICE SQUAD. This album is perfect for the fans of Late Seventies, Early Eighties melodic UK Punk Rock, but ZEX is a little bit more melodic, especially the guitarwork, and uses way more backing vocals than the typical Punk Rock band of these times used to do.

This here is the standard european edition on Black vinyl, included is an lyric insert and download code.