PUNGENT STENCH - First Recordings LP (Clear)

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LP | "First Recordings"



PUNGENT STENCH from Vienna, Austria was formed 1988 and they were amongst the first Death Metal, Grindcore bands that were signed by the german label NUCLEAR BLAST RECCORDS, a label that originally had its origins in the Punk, Hardcore movement. In their early days this three-piece band gained a level of notoriety due to their explicit lyrics and cover artwork, nowadays they are some kind of a legend, their tracks of the Split LP with DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, the "For God Your Soul ... For Me Your Flesh" LP and the "Been Caught Buttering" LP are classic Death Metal material. The sound PUNGENT STENCH is absolutly fucked up and brutal (with totally insane vocals) and tops most of the contemporary as well as actual bands. If you like extreme Old School Grindcore, Death Metal (and you don´t own the original pressings) than this release is a must have.

This album is a compilation including the songs of the Split LP with DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (1989) and the "Extreme Deformity" 7" EP (1989).

Limited edition (don´t know how many copies got pressed) on Clear vinyl, the vinyl is housed in a nice gatefold sleeve.