THE SCAM - Everything Ends In Rot EP

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7" EP | "Everything Ends In Rot"



THE SCAM was an obscure Hardcore, Punk band from Salem, New Hampshire, USA active in the Mid, Later Eighties, they only released one 7" EP in the Eighties and never got real well-known. THE SCAM played some very unique sound, mainly metal-tinged Hardcore with some sinster vibes, basically influenced by Early Eighties SoCal Punk (like THE ADOLESCENTS or T.S.O.L.), the more Punk end of Death Rock (early CHRISTIAN DEATH and maybe SAMHAIN) and a touch of Crossover, Thrash (C.O.C. in their "Animosity" era). To make it easier for you it can be said that sometimes THE SCAM are very close to the legendary band UNITED MUTATION from The United States. All this sounds interesting enough for you ??? So feel free to check out this very special but great band.

Orginally released on AX/CTION RECORDS, U.S.A. in the year 1986.

Official re-issue limited to 300 copies on Black vinyl, comes in a pocket cover with original artwork and a fold-out lyric sheet is added too.