THE SWANKYS - This Is My Lifestyle ! EP (Green)

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EP | "The Middle East Combat Area"



THE SWANKYS were a Noisecore, Hardcore band from Hakata, Fukuoka-City, Japan which was formed in the year 1981, in may 1983 and they called themselves GAI, but got back to their original name in march 1985. The sound of THE SWANKYS was completely chaotic, frantic and very, very pissed off, extreme distorted and fast Noisecore, Punk in the vein of CONFUSE, early CHAOS UK or DISORDER. This EP is a total must for all fans of raging japanese Early / Mid Eighties Hardcore.

The original pressing came out in the year 1985 on KPP RECORDS from Japan and nowadays it´s very rare and really expensive.

Standard edition of 300 copies on Green vinyl, the EP comes in a nice pocket cover with all original artwork, bonus postcard and extra sticker (not available in the original pressing).