BUTCHER - Return To Nothingness LP (Turquoise Marbled)

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LP | "Return To Nothingness"


COLOUR: Turquoise Marbled

BUTCHER are a US Hardcore, Crust, Punk band and for those who have not heard the band, expect some powerful, genre expanding Hardcore, Punk from a group with members in Florida, Texas, and Japan. The band is fronted by Jack Control, already active in the great bands WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, drums are performed by Jon Weisberg from ASSHOLEPARADE, LIFECHAIN, RELIGIOUS AS FUCK, STARVATION and WORLDS, on guitars are Adler Moore, he played in AGHAST, LIFECHAIN, HERETIC and Souichi Hisatake from GUDON, FORWARD. This second record of BUTCHER takes the sound they crafted on the first full album "Holding Back The Night" and ramps up the power, tempo and raw Punk aggression. This slab of vinyl is extremely good: ten tracks of pure fucking raw / thrashing Hardcore, Punk in the vein of this insane name droping list just written before. What a great tribute to POISON IDEA or G.I.S.M. ! 

This edition here is limited to 179 on Turquoise Marbled vinyl, the album comes in a full-coloured pocket cover and with extra lyricsheet.