BESTHÖVEN - Tomorrow´s Hell EP (Test Pressing)

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7" EP | "Tomorrow´s Hell"



BESTHÖVEN is a one-man band from Gama City, Brasil active since the year 1990 very well-known for their numerous full releases and split outputs with for example FINAL SLUM WAR, DISCLOSE, TROXIN 245, WARVICTIMS, SKELETON, ... . BESTHÖVEN plays full-on-charge D-Beat, Raw Punk, Crustcore taken influences from such great bands as DISCHARGE or DISCLOSE, on "Tomorrow´s Hell" you´ll get eight new tracks (one of them sung in Portuguese) recorded at the Batcave Studio between 18th to 28th january 2020. The Dis-Nightmare continues !

This here is the ultra-limited, hand-numbered "approved" test pressing, fiften copies on Black vinyl are pressed, housed in a fold-out cover (printed on 300 heavy gram cardboard, with inverted artwork) and comes with extra D.I.Y. laser printed insert including "band" photos. 
Due to a misunderstanding in the pressing plant there are two different editions (both fully approved):
# First pressing from february 20th, 2020, number # 1 - 5 (for label boss and BESTHÖVEN only)
# Second pressing from february 27th, 2020, number # 6 - 15 (ON SALE HERE)