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LP | "Pommisuoja"



AIVOPROTEESI are a Hardcore, Punk band from Rovaniemi, Finland (Arctic Circle), firstly they were active from 1982 to 1985 and in the year 2021 the band was reactivated. AIVOPROTEESI play the typical raw and pissed off Early Eighties Hardcore, Punk we already know from other contemporary finnish acts like KAAOS, CADGERS, DACHAU, BASTARDS, ... .

Here we have a compilation with thirty-one studio and live tracks recorded in between 1982 - 1985:
# ten tracks recorded 9.6.1984 in the Soundmix Studio, Finland
# five songs from the 4-Track demos 1983 - 84
# two songs from 1982
# two live songs recorded Hillan Nuorisotila 28.12.1983
# six songs recorded 1984, three of them on a 4-Track recorder
# four songs recorded 1985
# two more songs one recorded live 28.12.1983
A lot of stuff is unreleased, but some songs are taken from the "Yalta Hi-Life" comp. LP (1984), the "Aivokuolema 1" comp. tape (1984) and the "Delirium Tremens 1" comp. tape (1985).

This here is the Black vinyl version limited to 700 copies housed in a nice gatefold sleeve, a twenty-four paged Din A4 booklet with info, pictures, lyrics, ... is included.