AMEBIX - No Gods No Masters LP

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LP | "No Gods No Masters"

(Colombia ?)


AMEBIX were an influential english band considered to be the godfathers of the Crust, Punk subgenre, they recorded two full-length albums and three EP´s before splitting up in 1987, at which time The Baron (their singer) went to live on the Isle Of Skye and worked as a self-taught sword-smith whilst the remainder of the band forged ahead with THE SMARTPILS Tim Crow as ZYGOTE. This endeavour was short-lived however and lasted until the Early Nineties before fading into obscurity. The band officially reformed in february 2008 without Spider and with new drummer Roy Mayorga (NAUSEA, SOULFLY, STONE SOUR), however in 2012, in a interview, Rob "The Baron" Miller has made a statement announcing that AMEBIX is no more.

On this compilation release you can find early songs of AMEBIX taken from:
# "Who´s The Enemy" EP (1982)
# "Winter" EP (1982)
# "No Sanctuary" 12" (1984)

This album is pressed on Black vinyl, it is housed in a glossy LP pocket cover and comes with info, lyric insert.