GRIEF - Come To Grief (Extended) 2 x LP (Swamp Green)

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2 x LP | "Come To Grief (Extended)"


COLOUR: Swamp Green

GRIEF from Boston, Massachussetts was founded in 1991 by DISRUPT guitarist Terry Savastano and UNLEASHED ANGER drummer Pete Donovan, Randy Odierno (who later switched to bass and later again left to join BANE OF EXISTENCE) and Jeff Hayward joined shortly thereafter. They broke up in the year 2001 mainly due to drummer problems - something that was an ongoing problem for the band from the start. They also cited what they called a "hostile environment for Doom Metal bands". They reunited briefly in july 2005 to play a cluster of reunion shows, got active again from 2008 - march 2009 and since 2012 the band is active again under the name COME TO GRIEF. 
GRIEF play(ed) slow, depressive and misantrophic Sludgecore, Sludge Metal, Doom with totally fucked lyrics, their sound is so unbelievabley heavy and runs over you like a ten ton bulldozer, GRIEF is on of the origins of brutal Sludge sound, please forget most of the newer Sludge, Doom bands and listen to them only.

"Come To Grief" in it´s original version (CD) was released in the year 1994 on CENTURY MEDIA, USA + Germany.

This here is the Exclusive Distributors edition on 180 gram heavy weight Swamp Green vinyl (only available from mailorders that ordered this special colour in advance), this album is housed in a heavy gatefold sleeve and comes with fold-out poster. The exclusive, unreleased bonus track "Bury The Dead" is included too.