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(USA / USA, UK and The Netherlands)

LP | "Split"



Some more or less well-known Punk, Hardcore legends are teaming up on both bands to deliver this wonderful piece of vinyl:

RAID are a Hardcore, Punk act from Boise, Idaho, USA, some older folks might pay attention now, yes Boise, Idaho (!!!) the home of legendary SEPTIC DEATH, and oh wonder two folks of SEPTIC DEATH are playing in RAID. Together with Andi A from DEMONI, HAGGIS (on bass) and Matt Wrecked from the SCHOOLYARD ASSASINS (doing the vocals), Onj (ex SEPTIC DEATH guitarist) and Paulie (ex SEPTIC DEATH drummer) created a band that plays fast, aggressive and straight to the point Hardcore, Skate Punk, something in between SEPTIC DEATH, JERRY´S KIDS, THE FU´S, ... . 

DIRTY PROTEST are five filthy Punk Rockers from the USA, UK and The Netherlands that already did their service in SEPTIC DEATH, RADIO BIKINI, HDQ, or SPITTIN´ VICARS. Their musical roots extend from ´77 Punk to Crust and wind up somewhere in the middle, imagine DEAD KENNEDYS fucking POISON IDEA using WENDY O´WILLIAMS as a condom.

This version here comes on Black vinyl limited to 200 hand-numbered copies, this comes with extra lyric / info insert.