THE EXPLOITED - Live In Leeds 1983 LP

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LP | "Live In Leeds 1983"



THE EXPLOITED from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK were formed in the year 1979, in the Early Eighties the band got really famous in the Hardcore, Working Class Punk and Skinhead audience, when they represented a voice against the Reagan / Thatcher political climate, specifically for the unemployed people in the UK and all over this globe. In their early days the band represented a way of life, full of booze, party and real anger / protest, a lot of Punx and freaks could get attracted with, this have been the days the message of the band still was strong, saddly in the present times THE EXPOLITED are only a weak copy of their angry, pissed-off youngerselves. The live album "Live in Leeds 1983" has been recorded during a concert at Brannigans, Leeds, UK november 23rd 1983 and you can find sixteen songs, including "UK ´82", "Cop Cars", "Sex & Violence", "Exploited Barmy Army", ... on this Black piece of vinyl.

ANARCHY MUSIC from The United States did the first pressing of this album in 2007.

This official repress on RADIATION REISSUES from Italy comes on Black vinyl.